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Holy Colin

Gorgeous god of the geeks.

Cheeky Colin Caps
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The best place for Merlin/Colin Morgan picture based love!

Welcome to Cheeky Colin Caps!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Cheeky Colin Caps, the only community on livejournal dedicated to the picture based worship of the legendary Colin Morgan. We are all eager to see your posts so don't be shy!

Before you get started though, you need to read the rules of the comm which are only there to make life easier for everyone.


1. Please keep posts on topic.
We encourage pictures of Colin, but as long as the CAPTION mentions Colin and/or Merlin that's fine.

2. Please use the tags.
Rating, genre and pairing (if applicable) tags are all compulsory as they make it easier for everyone to worship Colin - don't deny the people!

3. No hotlinking.
Hotlinking slows down everything and makes people not want to visit.

4. Please try to keep your images below 500x500 px.

Large images take time to load and can be a pain in the butt. If you want to link to a larger version of the picture for other people that is totally allowed though, and highly recommended.


People put in a lot of work capping and searching and fixing up the images we post here, so to show thanks to their hard work tell us where you got the picture! It helps us and it helps you.

6. Picspam Posts MUST be under lj cuts.

While normal posts do not need to be put under a cut, picspam posts (which you can read more about here) must be put under a cut due to size.

7. No Locked Posts.

We're an open community so please keep all your posts unlocked so all users can see them. The only acception is if your source is a touch illegal (i.e. a free download site for the episodes) in which case DO lock them so the websites can't be found and deleted. If this rule confuses you feel free to contact a mod for further help.

See? Only seven rules, we're really not so bad. ^_^ So now you know how it's done get posting! If you have any further questions our mods (
merlinsgeekyfan, [info]stand_december, and [info]draig_glas) would all be more than happy to help. Credit to crazydd for the wonderful profile layout.

Now go forth and spread the Colin love!

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